Peak Edge Group of Schools (PEGS)

Saint Mary’s Catholic Voluntary Academy is part of the Peak Edge Group of Schools which is a formal collaboration that brings together twelve schools with the aim of improving educational opportunities for the young people of the area. The schools, all within a three-mile radius of each other, include a nursery school, a primary with a nursery, a secondary school, a Catholic primary school, a C of E school, an infant school and numerous smaller primary schools. The schools in and around New Mills formed a local cluster over 15 years ago and have a history of working well together across a number of areas from sport to all other curricula areas, new initiatives and shared resources. As headteachers have come and gone, new heads were welcomed into the cluster and to an informal collaborative method of working.

With the educational landscape currently changing more quickly than ever, PEGS will continue to look to the future and to its role in supporting systems in order to raise standards and become schools of excellence, engage in inspiring leadership programmes across this area of rural Derbyshire, in order to positively influence the education of children in the wider community.


Our Vision

PEGS: our sharing, caring community; stronger together.


The aims of PEGS are to:

Build our capacity to raise standards of teaching and learning for all pupils in all our schools aged 3 -18 through:

offering high quality, inclusive and enriching learning experiences
creating a supportive, collaborative community that promotes professional development
driving improvement in all our schools, creating a strong culture of collective responsibility
using the economies of scale of PEGS to achieve cost effective services, including training and development and maximise use of resources
If you would like to find out more about the work of PEGS including case history, development plan and structure please contact the headteacher at one of the schools listed below:



Buxworth Primary

Combs Infants

Furness Vale Primary

Hague Bar Primary

Hayfield Primary

New Mills Nursery

New Mills Primary

New Mills Secondary

Newtown Primary

St George’s C of E Primary

Saint Mary’s Catholic Voluntary Academy

Thornsett Primary