Catholic Social Teaching

Family and Community, Stewardship of God’s creation, Dignity of the Human Person, Solidarity and The Common Good, Option for The Poor and Vulnerable, Dignity of Work and the Right of Workers, Rights and Responsibilities.

St Mary’s Catholic Social Teaching ensures all our pupils develop important life skills so that they go out into this world and do something good. We empower them to be confident and unique individuals who can articulate the following: how man kind impacts on our world, to show dignity for all, rights and responsibilities, option for the poor and solidarity for the common good. They learn to practice kindness and compassion in everything they do, to be acceptant of others and celebrate are similarities and differences.
We are helping all our pupils to recentre their moral compass focusing on being the disciples of Christ through their actions and words. We are inspiring them to be the next generation of world leaders and they will know that they can make a positive difference in our world.

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