Catholic Social Teaching in Action

Hello my name is Darragh, and I am reporting on our aim to reduce food waste in school.

During this term our six senior chaplains have been monitoring class food waste. We carpeted some posters, ‘Eat for need, not for greed’ and What is on your plate goes in your tummy!’.

We have observed that less food waste is going in the bins and all pupils are eating what they are given.

Hello, my name is Bobby, and I am reporting on what we have been doing in school.

This week we have gone to our community garden and planted daffodil bulbs and acorns to observe how well they will grow. We did this because we want to make the environment a better place and attract bees to pollinate flowers. This helps to ensure we have clean air.

Hello, my name is Nieve.

As part of my Fairtrade work, we have planted Fairtrade seeds and next term we are presenting an assembly to highlight the plight of farmers in South America

School in Uganda

Our link school is Busyangwe Primary School in Uganda. We raise money for projects like a solar powered television.

FISH (Faith In Small Hearts)

As a school we are focusing on sustainability within our local and world-wide environment. We are adding all our groups under the umbrella term ‘Little Fish’- Faith in small hearts.

All our different pupil voice groups sit under this term. The groups are:

  • Eco team
  • Fairtrade
  • Pupil Parliament
  • Well -being
  • Chaplaincy
  • Sports leaders
  • Faith friends
  • Change 4 Life
  • Minni Vinnies
  • School council

We are also in the process of completing our Bronze Award as a Rights respecting School through UNICEF. Our Pupil parliament team are going to lead this across school  Watch this space to find out how we progress!

Faith challenges

Modeshift Stars

We are completing the Modeshift Stars awards which links to sustainability. We aim to increase active travel by 10%, which could include biking, walking or scooting. Our Health Champions have devised an active travel monitoring sheet to record this every day. Each class has four pots; car, walk, scooter and cycle and a counter per pupil is added to the correct pot to keep track. The results are recorded on their poster at the end of the week. Please also join our walking bus on Wednesdays if you can. The map below shows how those who have to come by car can park five minutes away and walk in.