Dear PTA member (yes, we mean you),

As a parent / guardian of a child at our school you are a member of our PTA.

The PTA works hard & tirelessly to help raise funds for the benefit of every child at this school.

We have regular PTA meetings & would love you to attend. We are all volunteers & all have children with activity commitments, we work & all have busy lives. We all understand it is not always easy to attend meetings, none of us can attend every one but there are lots of other ways to help within your PTA.

We need….

  • Attendees of meetings for the generation of ideas & to drive forward our PTA for the benefit of all our children.
  • Volunteers at fundraising events, to run stalls, sell tickets, sell food etc.
  • Shoppers, to buy supplies for events.
  • Cooks…to cook food for events (for example cook meat for hot sandwiches that are often sold at our events).
  • Help with providing equipment ( for example the loan of your slow cooker for hot dogs)
  • Volunteers to ask local businesses for raffle prizes.
  • Volunteers to collect raffle prizes.
  • Volunteers to distribute posters to advertise our events & distribute thankyou letters to those who have donated to us.
  • Help with making & designing posters.

We hope you can see the many & varied ways you can volunteer & be a part of your PTA.

Please take time to look at the attached poster to see all the PTA provides for your child at school.

We have a PTA WhatsApp group & if you wish to participate in this please contact the school office who will pass on your details to the group admin.

Kind regards,

Saint Mary’s PTA