Parish Community

Father John (RIP) taught us that: “I’m important and special because God loves me!”

We are a part of the parish of Saint Mary’s New Mills and its sister parish in Marple Bridge.  Our parish priest Father Emmanuel, is a regular visitor to school and leads us in special school and parish celebrations in our church.

We are a part of the Catholic Diocese of Nottingham and work closely with our Catholic cluster primary and secondary schools.  We work hard to build links between our school and church and appreciate the support of the parishioners.

The parish sacramental team prepare the First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation candidates supported by the school.



As the new school year begins, let us pray that it will be a time to love and serve the Lord.  May it be a time to serve one another and to do the best we can.

We ask Mary, Mother of Jesus, to pray for us all.

Our Altar Servers

Our children are creating a wildlife garden to encourage and protect the insects that visit us.

Our children learn about their responsibility to protect all of God’s creatures and the importance of nurturing our world. We know that small, positive actions can have great consequences for our planet.

Stronger Together

Pupils have shared their ideas about what ‘Stronger Together’ means to them.

Change 4 Life Ambassadors

Eco Warriors plant an oak tree with the help of our Chair of Governors, to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee

Synod 2021-2023 Church Initiative


Year 5 Faith in Action organise a cake sale to raise funds for children in Ukraine