Pupil Voice

Pupils supporting each other

A pupil representative from Class Four has written a letter about an idea they had to support younger pupils learning. As a result of this request all Class Four pupils take turns each week to support the teaching of Maths and English with younger pupils in Class 1,2 and 3. This excellent idea not only helps younger pupils to learn but also ensures our Class Four pupils are embedding and revisiting their learning whilst increasing their confidence and self esteem.

Pupil voice – Eco Warriors

One of our Eco Warrior team wrote to the Headteacher to request a reduction in plastic use at lunch time. He then attended an interview with the Derbyshire County Council catering team who listened to his request to remove plastic pasta pots from school meals. As a result, these have been removed which reduces our plastic usable by 50% and also saves on our water use. Well done Eco Team!

Pupil voice – reading

Members of the pupil parliament interview other pupils across the school about reading.