Health and Medications

Our website carries a guidance document about the length of time, if any, a child should be absent from school with childhood illnesses. For example, a child should not attend school until 48 hours after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhea.

Children with a diagnosis of asthma should bring any inhalers and (yellow) spacer devices into school labelled with their name. Self-administration is usual practice. If parents request, inhalers can be kept by the supervising teacher. Inhalers should be taken to swimming lessons, to sports events and on educational visits. Children will be added to the asthma register and parents/carers will be asked to complete a consent form for children to use the emergency school inhaler in the event that their own inhaler is not working/not in school etc.

If your child is prescribed emergency intervention medicines such as an EpiPen – a health plan will be drawn up by the school nurse with teaching staff and the child’s parents. All of our staff have recently updated their training in administering an EpiPen.

For a child suffering from an infection that requires antibiotic medication, we suggest that the treatment be completed before your child returns to school. However, should your doctor recommend that the child return to school before the course of treatment is complete, the
antibiotics can only be administered by the Headteacher or named first aider, with written parental consent. All medicines must be labelled with dosage, name, frequency etc.

School nursing team – Parents will be provided with full information as to when the nursing team are due to attend. Assessments are usually carried out in Reception and Year 6

Request to administer medicines form

Request To Administer Medicines Form 

A paper copy of this form can be collected from the school office.

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